Orbitotomy Update/Stitches Out Tomorrow

I'm doing slightly better than last time we talked. In terms of my eye, I'm doing very well! I've never had a cut or surgery heal this well. It seems to still hurt some where the actual biopsy was performed (the gland) but the incision feels fine. Everyone keeps asking if my stitches are itchy... Continue Reading →

Lacrimal Gland Biopsy (Orbitotomy) Update: 12 Days Out

You'd think the area to worry about after minor surgery would be the site of the surgery, but that is not the case with me. My mystery disease and POTS are really flared up because of this assault on my body's equilibrium. This means large amounts of fatigue, blood pooling, fevers, painful and swollen lymph... Continue Reading →

Lacrimal Gland Surgery: Follow-Up #1

I'm looking less beat up. Here is me today: For the first post about this surgery, go here. The doctor who performed the surgery (Dr. A) is not only an Oculoplastic Surgeon, his research interest is the lacrimal gland. He has always listened to me carefully (as have all other doctors at UIC) and I... Continue Reading →

Surprise: I Had Surgery!

So, I'm going to start off by telling you there are some icky pictures on this page of incisions and bruising around my eyes. You've been warned! Now you're like hold on a second... incisions around your eyes!? What did I miss? I have been keeping a secret. I am not sure why other than... Continue Reading →

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