Health Update

Insurance Finally Approved IVIG!

  Well friends and family – I am happy to say that after several attempts made by multiple doctors, and 200+ hours of efforts on my part (research, synthesizing information, phone calls, e-mails) over the past 2 years, my insurance company has finally been convinced IVIG is a medical necessity in my case!!! “After careful…… Continue reading Insurance Finally Approved IVIG!

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September 2016: Weddings and -ologists Galore!

As predicted at the end of my last post, I did not post at all last month because it was busy. Here is how my month went… First up was the wedding weekend. On a Friday, we traveled from Illinois up to Iowa to attend a wedding on Saturday. We thought my body would behave…… Continue reading September 2016: Weddings and -ologists Galore!

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Cleaning While Chronically Ill – It’s Slow

I spent the past few days alternating between resting, stretching, and cleaning. That may sound boring, however I am pretty excited about it. My house has gone a long time without a deep clean, and various obligations have meant I couldn’t use my energy toward whipping it back into shape. All summer, I have looked…… Continue reading Cleaning While Chronically Ill – It’s Slow

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In Sickness and in Health – When Sickness Comes First 

I just got home from my appointment, which went well. It was a long day; we left at noon and got home at eight-thirty. I am not thinking about what a long day it was. What I am thinking about is my husband, Jake. I am feeling very appreciative to him for driving me to…… Continue reading In Sickness and in Health – When Sickness Comes First 

Health Update

It’s Raining Doctors

If my count is correct, the neurologist I am making an appointment with will be my twelfth new doctor of this year. This number does not include visits to the six doctors I kept from last year or my visits to the infusion center. Devoting almost all of my energy to research and appointments has gotten me so much closer to solid answers, but has been exhausting.