How My Body Has Held Up To Moving

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know the lack of updates is not because something went wrong health wise. In fact, something wonderful happened - we bought our first home last month. 🏡🎉 We now live within a few minutes of my stepdaughter, several family members, and old friends. Between working on getting... Continue Reading →

IVIG #10 Update Page

IVIG #10 was actually a week ago. Hopefully after you hear about how busy I have been, you will forgive me for not posting the IVIG #10 update page on time. For starters, we are in the middle of buying a house which is exciting but also requires a good amount of energy. Secondly, my... Continue Reading →

IVIG #9 Update Page 

So, I cheated a little bit and didn't post this update page on the day of my infusion, which was 3 days ago. I forgot to set it up the day before the infusion, and the Benadryl makes me fairly unmotivated on actual infusion days. The good news is the lack of motivation lead to... Continue Reading →

IVIG #8 Update Page

If you read my last post, you'll see my infusion pump was set wrong and infused the IVIG twice as fast as my body is used to, which resulted in significant side effects. After 3 days of pain, I took steroids and felt quite a bit better. I took the steroids for 5 days. When... Continue Reading →

IVIG #7 Update Page

I am receiving my seventh IVIG treatment today. I am feeling pretty exhausted, not so much from the treatment (I don't think) and more so from having been busier lately. We are house hunting which is exciting. POTS life tip - scheduling to walk through 4 houses in one day is a POTS disaster. :)... Continue Reading →

IVIG #6 Update Page

My sixth infusion starts in about twenty minutes. Hopefully the Benadryl doesn't knock me out and I can write an overall update here. 🙂 Psych! The infusion company was supposed to overnight the saline they forgot to send along with my IVIG. The nurse arrived and it still wasn't here, so I called for tracking... Continue Reading →

IVIG #5 Update Page

I am late with this post! That will teach me not to get the post set up the night before my infusion. 🙂 Fortunately, I keep notes so I can give you an idea how things went. I had my fifth infusion on Wednesday 4/5/17. I took Benadryl, NAC, Tylenol, and we infused a liter... Continue Reading →

IVIG #3 Update Page

  My infusion started around 2PM and it is 5PM. I've had severe headaches with my first two infusions, the headache with the last one being beyond what I could tolerate. We will keep tweaking things each infusion until we figure out which changes result in less severe of a headache. Changes this time: I... Continue Reading →

IVIG #2 Update Page

Today is Sunday, and I had my second IVIG infusion on Tuesday. As I mentioned in my last post, the plan was for me to take steroids the day of infusions and the day after in order to prevent headaches (which are a common side effect of IVIG). Since there is a risk of secondary... Continue Reading →

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