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The Week After IVIG #1

Some people have been asking about how I am doing (thank you!), so I thought I would post an update. Today is Monday and the infusion was Wednesday. I developed a bad headache on Thursday. I wasn’t concerned about it being aseptic meningitis since there was no vomiting, light sensitivity (photophobia), or sound sensitivity (misophonia).…… Continue reading The Week After IVIG #1

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September 2016: Weddings and -ologists Galore!

As predicted at the end of my last post, I did not post at all last month because it was busy. Here is how my month went… First up was the wedding weekend. On a Friday, we traveled from Illinois up to Iowa to attend a wedding on Saturday. We thought my body would behave…… Continue reading September 2016: Weddings and -ologists Galore!

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In Sickness and in Health – When Sickness Comes First 

I just got home from my appointment, which went well. It was a long day; we left at noon and got home at eight-thirty. I am not thinking about what a long day it was. What I am thinking about is my husband, Jake. I am feeling very appreciative to him for driving me to…… Continue reading In Sickness and in Health – When Sickness Comes First