“How would a doctor determine if I have Hyperadrenergic POTS?”: All About Catecholamine Testing in POTS

To find out if it a patient has Hyperadrenergic POTS, specialized doctors typically order an endocrine test called a Catecholamine Blood Test. I had my test performed at Mayo Clinic's Autonomic Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Want proof? Here is a glamor shot taken just prior to the test: Okay, time to get serious! The Catecholamine... Continue Reading →

Mayo Clinic Day 1

Mayo Clinic Day 1 It is the end of my first day of testing. Although everyone I have encountered has been nice, professional, and helpful, I have to say -- I CANNOT WAIT FOR BED!! It has been exhausting having a test or another every hour! That said, it is all worthwhile because it should... Continue Reading →

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