What’s POTS?

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  1. I apologize for leaving a comment about chronic pain as I do not know what POTS is. I thought this was a site regarding Mayo’s Chronic Pain Treatment Center which does nothing but get you off of narcotics. Even my Rheumatologist at Mayo said I should be on pain medicine and said he would speak with my primary care Doctor but my PCD says she took me off of pain medicine because I smoked marijuana twice and I thought it was legal for people with chronic pain, I read up on Minnesota law and you have to have a Doctors recommendation to use it so I made a mistake, twice, but to use that as a reason to stop treating horrible pain, what a pitiful job Mayo is doing. The Doctor is lying because I made a mistake but she says it was not for that reason. All my other Doctors disagree with her and she continues to toe the line. I am the one suffering and she says we have to go off of Oxy once and a while, that makes sense, take people in chronic pain off of their medicine just to make them suicidal and outright crazy, wasting time in their lives they do not have to waste. All good days are good days, all bad days that can be avoided are WASTED DAYS- SHAME ON MAYO CLINIC. DO what a Doctor/hospital is supposed to do- RELIEVE SUFFERING.


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