The POTS Treatment Center

In late July/early August 2013, I went to The POTS Treatment Center in Dallas Texas. This center doesn’t do autonomic testing or anything like this. This center seeks to help POTS patients through using biofeedback to calm down symptoms of the autonomic system being in sympathetic mode. The treatment, for out of town patients, is an expedited two week program and costs $5,000. The patient goes to the center 5 days each week for a few hours each day. The patient is given biofeedback equipment to take home (EmWave2 and thermometer for thermal biofeedback) and continues biofeedback each day for about 6 months. The center recommends coming back for a week long follow up visit about 8 weeks after leaving the center which costs $2,000. The center does not bill insurance, but I got a receipt and my insurance did reimburse me for some of the cost.

The people I refer to doctors are doctors in the sense of having PhDs, not in the sense of being medical doctors.

It did not significantly decrease the severity of my disability. The root cause of my dysautonomia cannot be addressed by biofeedback or addressing the autonomic nervous system alone. At the time of my visit, despite having visited Mayo, we had not uncovered the root cause of my issues – autoimmunity. So long as autoimmune issues continue to impact my nervous system, addressing the nervous system alone will not get the job done. Please do not get me wrong; it is EXTREMELY nice and life changing to not throw up as frequently and manage presyncopal episodes more easily. However, I am still 90% bed bound. I suspect biofeedback is most helpful as a POTS treatment when a case of POTS was triggered by a major stressor, depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.. Those underlying causes may improve with biofeedback, whereas ongoing issues such as autoimmunity do not respond significantly to biofeedback. I also believe (but do not know for a fact) it may be more helpful in people with conditions such as autoimmunity if the underlying causes are being addressed.

This page will give you a good idea of what to expect and what my experience with the center was. While this page doesn’t contain every post I’ve written on the center, it contains what I wish I could have read prior to going.

“Should I go to the POTS Treatment Center?”

The Center

How Does it Work? What Equipment Does the Center Use and What Does the Center Do?

My Thoughts on the Treatment Center After 74 Days of Treatment, Written Just Before My Follow Up Visit to the Center

The Negatives on The POTS Treatment Center (and Mayo)

Prior to The POTS Treatment Center

Why POTSie Bodies Tend to be In Sympathetic Mode

Story in Newspaper

Thoughts Prior to Leaving for Center

My Two Week Expedited Treatment at The POTS Treatment Center

My First Day at the Center: My Consultation with the Doctor

Week 1 at The POTS Treatment Center: A Photo Tour of the Center and Biofeedback

Week 2 at The POTS Treatment Center: Days Six and Seven, More Biofeedback Pics, Changes I’ve Seen, My Mom Tries Biofeedback

Week 2 at The POTS Treatment Center: Days Eight to Eleven (last day), Changes I’ve Seen, Food Intolerance Setbacks

Recommendations on Pleasure versus Work

Life After The POTS Treatment Center: Home Treatment

Days 13-27 of Doing Program, Being Back in the Real World, Fitting in the Program, Handling Life Stress

September Update

Advice to Family Members of Someone Going Through Treatment, or Just POTS in General

Obstacles: Realizing I Probably Have More Than POTS Going On

My Follow Up Visit to The POTS Treatment Center

Day 1 of the Follow Up Visit

Days 2 and 3 of the Follow Up Visit

Days 4 and 5 of the Follow Up Visit

A Quick Post Written Prior to Leaving Dallas, Thoughts on What I’ve Gained from Follow up


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