IVIG Side Effects: Day 6

For the first post on IVIG side effects, click here. I was doing better so I stopped the strong meds because I don't enjoy the drugged feeling. All was fine, aside from needing Reglan to force the small amount of food I was eating to exit my stomach. Sunday I played Jackie friendly games with... Continue Reading →


Intravenous Immune Globulin treatment (IVIG) is on for Wednesday. The nurse is getting here around 10, setting up, and then we will start. I am going to be updating hourly on my Twitter for anyone who is concerned about how my body will respond or interested in how my first day goes. You don't need... Continue Reading →

Recovering from Steroid Fatigue!

I don't want to say anything further before I am sure, however I think I have figured out my mystery disease! I will know more after Tuesday. I am on the final level of titration for the steroids. Thank goodness! I will write more about what they helped or didn't help with sometime, but for... Continue Reading →

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