Six Year Old Identifies Cure


“What if I stuck up my middle finger, then you weren’t sick anymore? Not my other fingers. I stick my middle finger up, with all the other fingers down, and you are better for forever. What if that really happened?!”

Maybe I will run this innovative idea by my doctors. Our little scientist’s hypothesis goes like this… If gesturing with the middle finger magically communicates the same meaning as swearing at someone, something she cannot believe she lived 6 years without knowing, couldn’t it possess additional powers yet to be discovered? We are low on options, and getting IVIG treatment approved by my current insurance is a long, tiring work in progress. I wonder if my health insurance will approve middle finger treatment? After all, it is experimental.


12 thoughts on “Six Year Old Identifies Cure

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  1. It sounds like she’s getting a bit angry about you being sick, too! Which is good. It takes a little girl to realize life with a chronic illness/battling with insurance is BS and needs aggressive doctoring. She’s already an advocate! A cute one, too.


  2. I find myself linking to your pages so many times in POTS support groups for new patients and I was just wondering how you are and if IVIG was started again. I hope you are doing well. Best.


  3. This is my favorite treatment idea ever! On the off chance that you haven’t looked into it yet, have you been tested for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?


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