3 Masterpieces From My Weekend 


1) Homemade Ornaments 

Each year, E (stepdaughter, 6) and I make ornaments for family. This year, we made colorful candy cane ornaments using clay. The only materials required were our hands, oven bake clay, and a glaze. It was simple and easy to do sitting down with my feet up.

I only have a tiny bit of energy and cannot do everything I would like to at Christmastime; things have had to be cut out. Christmas cookies? I miss making them, but I can cope. Christmas ornaments? The year I cut out making Christmas ornaments with E, my disappointment over having skipped this activity was not worth the energy saved. Lesson learned.

2) Nails

This year, I do not feel up to taking E to get our nails done. She was happy for me to give her Christmasy fingers and toes at home. I painted candy canes on her big toes with toothpicks. Clearly I do not have a future in nail art, however she was thrilled with them, and I was thrilled my body allowed me to do them. I had to one candy cane toe twice because it mysteriously smudged before it dried the first time around. I say “mysteriously” because she is certain she did not move her foot or touch her toe. Hmm…. 😀

3) My Medication Organizer 

The last masterpiece is my medication organizer having more days green and ready to go than not. I do not have to think about organizing and/or refilling my medications until the new year. No calling doctors offices or pharmacies for refills. No getting into bed for the night, only to realize I do not have my morning medication (which I take first thing, then wait 20 minutes before standing) laid out. Woohoo! I rarely fill this bad boy up, but when I do, man does it feels luxurious not having to dole out medications daily!

I know some of you will want details about what you are looking at. It is made by MedCenter and is called the “Monthly Vitamin Organizer.” MedCenter also makes a “Monthly Pill Organizer” which has smaller compartments than the version I have. I put a calcium/magnesium horse pill in a compartment to give you an idea of the size. I enjoy the roominess of the vitamin version. 🙂 Despite taking a large amount of pills each day, I can easily see which medications are in a compartment because they are not jammed in there. Also, if I am traveling, it is convenient I am able to load my supplements into it in addition to my prescriptions. The price fluctuates; I purchased it off of Amazon for $27.00 a year ago. Camelcamelcamel.com is an easy way to track prices, if you are so inclined.

Well, that is all for now. I hope everyone has a happy holiday season. It may sound lame, but remember to enjoy the little masterpieces in your own life; it will make you a happier person!

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