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Random Thoughts

We are closing in on a month since my surgery. I’m getting stronger, but still spend SO much time resting. I really cannot believe it and marvel at how hard of a time I’d have with what I would consider “real” surgery. I continue to practice patience with my body, but as of last week, I am feeling extremely impatient! My symptoms sometimes prevent me from being able to do anything except lay there and think. I thought I’d share some very random thoughts that float around in my mind….

  • Maybe I am evolving into a superhuman. I imagine evolving takes quite a bit of energy which explains my body not wanting me to be upright, the high temperature, the fatigue, the aches….
  • Why is it as soon as I am done painting my nails, I see at least 7 things I’d like to open?
  • The grass-fed beef I’m so excited about having available in my local grocery store is raised in Uruguay. The company claims the climate is more conducive to year round grass grazing…. Oh my God. What if it tastes different not because it is grass-fed, but because it is really horse meat?
  • I really wish I could eat cheese. **go on to imagine all the different types of cheese I would eat**
  • I absolutely love soup spoons. Why don’t more people use them for foods other than soup? I only have one and carefully select what I will eat with it each round of clean dishes. Why don’t I buy more since they make me so inexplicably happy?
  • The green Haribo gummy bears are strawberry flavored? I can’t believe it!
  • When will I ever learn to make sure the book I have reserved on the library website is for Kindle and isn’t an “E-pub only” which means I need to read it in a browser? When? Usually I don’t notice until it is finally my turn with the book after waiting for months.
  • Good advice from Jake: “If you think you are going to remember something; don’t. Write it down.”
  • Whoah! There is at least one disease where a non-functioning kidney may shrink until it disappears.
  • There is a comradery among wheelchair users. When I’m using my legs and smile or nod at a wheelchair user, their expression/gesture in return is often one of someone receiving unwanted pity. However, when I am using my wheels, it is different. It is like a secret club… There is a knowing nod or smile exchanged between us. I am probably breaking some sort of unspoken club rule by even telling you about this!
  • Amazon thinks a book about organizing the ideal pantry is a top pick for me? What did I do wrong?
  • Sometimes I sit in a room and imagine I am magic and can move things with my eyes like Matilda. I mentally clean and reorganize the entire room. Kind of strange, I know. (The plus side of this is if I get a burst of energy to clean, I know exactly how I want to do it!)

Stored in my notes, there are so many information-oriented blog post topics. Most topics are geared toward helping patients with common questions or misunderstandings. I wish I could just churn out a post when the idea pops in my head, but I can’t. I am unwilling to use my precious energy to go into enough detail to make an actual post, therefore I just record my topic ideas and a few key words before moving along. When I have the energy and mental clarity to write those types of posts, I have a nice long list of topics to choose from. Trust me, my idea of a good blog post topic isn’t a list of my random thoughts. If you have anything I should add to my “informative blog post topics” list, feel free to leave a request!

19 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. This post made me giggle 🙂 I ❤ Matilda! Ha, I think it might be fun to start writing down some of my random thoughts.


  2. I am absolutely, 100% loving these! I must tell you, my favorite one is the online libray/epub one, because I do that ALL of the time!


  3. Aw, I do the Matilda thing all the time! I wish I could magically shut the door to block out noise in the other room or turn the light off to avoid standing up and get my heart racing/fainting for such a simple task. So funny 🙂 Too bad those powers aren’t real, us POTSies could be super good housewives!


  4. It’s sad when Amazon can read your mind, Matilda. How does it know you sit there and organize in your mind? (Laugh.) I LOVE Jake’s advice. It’s like my voice and my husband’s voice shouting at me! Loved reading the random thoughts, and they had me smiling and laughing. Hope you get some of that, too!~~Terri


    • Terri I didn’t even make the mind reading connection between my Matilda daydreams and Amazon! Maybe Amazon bribed an IV saline production company to put little mind reading microchips in their solution and now they know exactly which products will be irresistible when presented to a certain customer! Microchips would totally explain the crazy price charged (to my insurance thank God) for a bag of what is basically sterilized salt water!!


  5. You love soup spoons, and I love bowls. There’s one in my cabinet that I’m particularly fond of. And when I say fond, I mean, it’s the only bowl I use, fond.

    Your randomness made me happy. Please never change!


  6. I have one big spoon that is the only spoon I can use to cook with. My Mom had one just like it and I found one at a rummage sale the first year I was married. It went missing for a couple of days and I was helpless.


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