Orbitotomy Update/Stitches Out Tomorrow

I’m doing slightly better than last time we talked.

In terms of my eye, I’m doing very well! I’ve never had a cut or surgery heal this well. It seems to still hurt some where the actual biopsy was performed (the gland) but the incision feels fine. Everyone keeps asking if my stitches are itchy (today is day 20 of having them in) but they are not in the least. I don’t know if it because I heal more slowly than most, the site of the incision, my constant icing, or that I’ve kept the area moisturized with ointment and scar salve. Who knows why? All we care is that it is healing well, right? 🙂 The stitching string came quite a ways out of the incision on my left side and kept getting in my eye. I thought maybe I should knot it before I clipped it, but it seemed pretty “common sense” to others to just clip it, leaving 1/3 an inch at least hanging out. So, that is what I did and the stitch thread slid right down into the incision overnight. Whoops! Oh well. They are coming out tomorrow and I definitely couldn’t leave it so long and risk it scratching my eye.

before clipping stitch, day after clipping stitch

My eyes are getting more symmetrical. If I am looking down at you, there is a chance you wouldn’t even notice a difference! When I look straight, you can still tell, but it is much better than it was. 20140602-101849.jpg

In terms of fatigue, POTS flare up, and mystery disease flare up, I’ve made some progress but am still struggling. I’m still wearing my compression stockings most days and spending a lot of time at rest, even for me. I got some fluids last Thursday which was quite helpful. I try and get up as often as I can to get that blood moving. When I have a surge of energy, I can do small tasks (load dishwasher) but if I stand too long or do anything requiring bending over and over (picking items up off of floor), I’m in trouble. It’s pretty ridiculous a biopsy can cause such havoc! Although my armpit lymph nodes still hurt, I can no longer see them when I lift my arms. This is progress. My throat hurts but not as much early in the day, especially if I get enough sleep. I’ve been sleeping anywhere from 9 to 12 hours most nights. Today I had to wake up early for a phone calls, so I only slept 7.5 hours and I can really tell a difference. My medicine makes it difficult to nap.

Coming up: I get my stitches out tomorrow. I hope to have my eyebrows groomed finally. Although I think the extra reinforcement on the incision would be helpful, I think it would weird out the lady if I went there with stitches in my eyes and asked her to thread them. We have our Emma for three weekends in a row. This past weekend I was able to do a bit more with her than last time which made us both very happy. I taught her how to do my and my grandpa’s favorite past time of building houses out of playing cards. When we started, I told her it is tricky and the houses fall very easily, so we have to remember to not get mad over it. My Papa always laughed when our half-hour-in-the-making masterpiece would get knocked over by me bumping the table or laughing and blowing the cards down. I am teaching Emma to do the same. This upcoming weekend, we have her for 2 days before and after the weekend. My sister’s wedding reception is this Saturday. I am planning on really loading up the medication so I can sit up most of the time and enjoy myself.

16 thoughts on “Orbitotomy Update/Stitches Out Tomorrow

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  1. So glad you are better! You really do look better. The droop in your left eye is practically all gone. Maybe when the stitches come out it will be completely gone. I can’t wait to see you this weekend. Seems like so long since I got to spend a little time with you and I miss you. love you


    1. No you are mine. I think it is a little weird for your hero to have you as their hero… You need to pick a new hero. Sorry but I picked my hero first!


  2. It would! I read manically about it for a week and didn’t know what to conclude other than I wasn’t getting enough thanks to sea salt and thinking the salt in my bouillon cubes was iodized! I also concluded it will likely someday be an issue people know more about (by necessity), similar to how Vitamin D is being treated right now. I decided I’d tack it on to my iPhone “investigation” list and just eat seaweed in the meantime, then you came along with your series!


  3. Another thing I found intriguing about iodine was some “experts” say iodine from food sources (was it chelated?) is excreted more easily than the potassium iodide added to our salt, so it is likely you’ll o/d on iodine from food sources. I didn’t take the next step of looking up to see if there is any real research on it. Then it makes me wonder… If there is a difference, is a cow’s milk considered a natural source of iodine if it only has iodine because the cow has been supplemented with potassium iodide?


  4. That’s all good news. I’m happy there were no complications. This is really weird, but would you ever consider showing a picture of your swollen arm out I glands when they are visible? I don’t know where they are and I’m curious what they look like. 🙂


    1. I will try and remember to take a picture! I semi-tried once but not sure where the picture is. I can’t find many pictures on Google image either unless it is a huge protruding lymphoma type bump — maybe a hard area to photograph?

      They’re rarely so big you can see them. Usually I can feel by touching my armpit (feels like little balls) but I just know without checking when I have them because they cause pain when I move/clothes press on them. It was a fluke I lifted my arm in the mirror when I put on deodorant and saw it.


  5. Hello, I underwent the same operation, my eye shape is very bad. Is it possible for me to ask for a full recovery time? When will my eyes return to their normal shape, help me please


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