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It’s A Wash

The night before last, either something changed in my left lacrimal gland where it was biopsied or, more likely, I hit myself in the eye while I was sleeping. It is not excruciating, it isn’t usually difficult to ignore, but it is back to being more painful than it was 2 days ago and drooping how it was about 5 days ago. Today when I woke up after not sleeping near long enough, the pain (but not droop) was slightly worse than yesterday. I’m not too worried about it. Mostly I am annoyed since I wasn’t expecting regression.

Today I woke up with quite the bladder infection. They’re annoying enough as it is, but when you are having trouble with changing positions, it is pretty frustrating to have to get up every 10 minutes. Eventually I realized it would be a disaster if I continued on going from bed/recliner to the bathroom so frequently. Solution? I took all of my pillows, blankets, gadgets and set up camp in the bathroom. It took me back to my days of throwing up all day long every day. Except back then I couldn’t read, so really this was a better deal.

I was pretty bummed when I thought I’d have to somehow make it to a Prompt Care to get antibiotics. I wasn’t sure it was even possible. If you include having tests performed, dentist visits, a few counseling sessions, getting IV fluids, and doctor visits, this is only the third week this year I haven’t had an appointment. Fortunately, my doctor took pity on me when I explained how sick I am while recovering from surgery and called in antibiotics without requiring a culture. I was so excited!! After all, I wasn’t too distraught about the infection itself since it is easily fixed; I was concerned about making it through a doctor visit. Okay. I also was concerned my third week of this year with no appointment was being sabotaged. Hopefully the antibiotics don’t make it more difficult to eat than it already is at the moment.

Then, since my eye surgeon (Dr A) is gone this week, my eye surgeon’s partner personally called me to respond to an email I had sent Dr A. I wanted more details about the biopsy (ex: how many cells in each aggregate, what type of cells, how far apart were the aggregates spaced) so I can confidently cross a particular disease off my list. He didn’t seem to think I was a nutcase for wanting such a detailed analysis. He said the pathologist who originally looked at the biopsy is gone this week, but next week, she will look at the sample again, looking specifically for what I have requested. (How exciting!) He hopes it will be done in time for my Tuesday removal-of-the-stitches appointment. I thought my surgeon making sure my question was answered despite being his out of the office and his fellow surgeon calling me personally showed an impressive amount of care.

Also… them not thinking I am overly intense was nice. I would have remained intense either way, so this way is easier for everyone. This is something my Mom and I have noticed: Confident, competent doctors don’t become disgruntled/hostile from respectfully asked, informed questions from their patients. Unconfident doctors do. At this stage in the game, I no longer waste my time with unconfident doctors, but I am still relieved each time my (confident and competent) doctors don’t act like I am crazy for the amount of research I do!

Two annoying happenings and two pleasant… I think I will call today a wash!

10 thoughts on “It’s A Wash

  1. AMEN! I fully agree with the doctor analysis. We regularly fire those that are easily threatened. I am really going wild this year, probably setting the bar too high, but trying to be doctor – free in AUGUST! It’s such a thrill to go any length without an appointment. I hope you begin to heal soon!


  2. Haha, I totally relate to setting up camp in the bathroom! Been there too many times to count..Though it’s certainly not fun. Sorry you’re not feeling good, but hope things get better after the infection goes away! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery from here on out 🙂


  3. May the pain take a hike and your bladder infection go away…NOW! But I am so glad you have doctors working with you in competent, confident, respectful ways.


    • I only recently became allergic to sulpha meds and bactrim (both now make tongue swell). They always worked within 24 hours on the worst of my UTI symptoms. Macrobid has to be the slowest acting antibiotic EVER. My expert Googling has confirmed it typically takes a few days to relieve symptoms. Thank God for bladder numbing meds! On the up side, I’ve been up and about more the past 2 days and got in some nice time with my E!


  4. this was something that i found a bit puzzling, i often find myself reminding people that their dr works for them. you are so right to expect to be treated with respect. so glad you did not have to go in, i know how important those appt free weeks can be. i send loving, healing thoughts your way


  5. That was ingenious to move your gear to the bathroom! I need to remember that for my kids!

    You’re mom is right about the questions, I think. In my experience as a student, resident, and patient. So happy you got your UTI fixed up and your questions respected by the ENT. Do hope you’re feeling better as it’s been a few days since you wrote the post!



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