Lacrimal Gland Biopsy (Orbitotomy) Update: 12 Days Out

You’d think the area to worry about after minor surgery would be the site of the surgery, but that is not the case with me. My mystery disease and POTS are really flared up because of this assault on my body’s equilibrium. This means large amounts of fatigue, blood pooling, fevers, painful and swollen lymph nodes, gastroparesis, nausea, joint pain, white outs with standing, shaking, you know the drill. Today I woke up to find the muscles in my extremities randomly twitching all day long in addition to the shaking I’ve had later in the day since surgery. What the heck body? (The shaking/twitching happen when I am very physically fatigued, so don’t worry, it isn’t completely new.) I am wearing my compression stockings most of the time. I am incredibly tired. I really cannot believe how fatigued I am. Hey, did I mention I don’t have any energy? Hopefully I am moving more in the right direction than it feels like from where I’m sitting lying. I am sure I am.

I am so thankful I didn’t make the stupid decision of having this done before I went to Mexico!
1) It would have really put a damper on the celebrations
2) I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy myself
3) I cannot tan for a long time if I don’t want scarring, so at least I got an excellent tan right before surgery

Fortunately, my eyes seem to be healing quite nicely! Today is day 12 since surgery. As long as my eye area is not bumped and I am not jostled around, the pain level is pretty nonexistent until late evening. I can now move my eyebrows however I want (cannot wait to have them threaded, let me repeat my recommendation: if you are like me and require professional help with eyebrow grooming, have your eyebrows done BEFORE eye surgery ) and can move my mouth as much as I want with no pain. This is good news because I smile and laugh a lot. I no longer require any pain medications for surgery pain. I continue to apply ophthalmologist antibiotic ointment to the incisions and use ice packs to help with the swelling. I also use heat once or twice a day to encourage circulation in the area. Most of the bruising around my eyes is gone. The incisions look as though they shouldn’t be too noticeable and the drooping on the left hand side is improving. The left side had a tiny bit more taken out of it and also is currently more painful, therefore I am confident the drooping is due to swelling and it will go back to normal as it continues to heal. The stitches are being left in a full 3 weeks because my wounds tend to pop open even after they appear to be healed. This is due to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). We don’t want my eyelids (which were cut completely through) popping open! They come out next Tuesday, June 2. We are having family pictures taken at my sister’s reception June 7, so my left eye has 12 days to un-droop or I will be wearing sunglasses in said pictures. Sorry Staci.

2 days after surgery, 7 days after surgery, 9 days after surgery, 12 days after surgery.
2 days after surgery, 7 days after surgery, 9 days after surgery, 12 days after surgery
starting with the top: immediately after surgery, day after surgery, 7 days after surgery, 12 days after surgery
starting with the top: immediately after surgery, day after surgery, 7 days after surgery, 12 days after surgery

15 thoughts on “Lacrimal Gland Biopsy (Orbitotomy) Update: 12 Days Out

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  1. Wow! Looks like you are healing nicely 🙂 I know surgery is never fun–I hate recovery, it always takes twice as long for me as they say, and I’m basically an invalid the whole time. But glad to hear you are relatively painless. Hang in there, and feel better soon!


    1. Haha — an invalid is a great way to put it! I agree that if I have to be an invalid, at least I just have my normal pain and no surgery pain on top of it. Thanks for your encouragement. It helps. 😊


  2. Any type of surgery or minor procedure ALWAYS throws me into severe flare ups that take a couple weeks to overcome. I agree with Victoria that invalid is the proper word for those situations.

    Jackie, just to be funny (if you have to sport the sunglasses for photos), you should bring a couple different pairs, including goofy ones, that you can change out every couple snap shots 😉

    Feel better fast chica!


  3. Thanks so much for the pictures, I am facing this surgery soon too (I consult with the doctor to schedule this wednesday) I have been more worried about the recovery and what it will look like than the procedure itself. Your page has been super helpful. Thank you so much!!


  4. Hi, my name is Detra. I had a lacrimal gland biopsy done May 21, 2018. This surgery was performed by Dr. Ghaiy in Atlanta, GA. My right eye has healed nicely. I just have one question. Do you experience any weird side effects such as pain in the general area of the eye? For me, sharp pains tend to come and go causing my entire head to twitch. If you like to share more please do. God bless you.




  5. Hello.

    I got an lacrimal gland biopsy on my left eye. You’re an inspiration to me. I’ve researched so much and your journey has given me so much hope.


  6. Hello Jackie! Many thanks for sharing all this. I am in need of a lacrimal gland biopsy and would like to find the best doctor in the Chicago area. It is not easy. I read that you got yours done in Chicago too. Are you open to a quick call or email exchange?


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