I just woke up a couple of hours ago from a 27 hour slumber (except for the 2 times I woke up to let my parents and then my fiancé I was indeed alive). I already feel like I could go back to sleep. Craziness! I have no idea what’s going on. It could be because the night before last, I couldn’t fall asleep until 9 AM the following morning. I was up the whole night nauseous and heaving. It’s still weird to be so tired though (even for me) and I’m very dizzy. Usually I’m super fatigued, but not in a “ready for bed” way. It’s kind of like the fatigue you feel when you have the flu.

Anyways, I went to the doctor Thursday. It was a great appointment. She strongly agrees with my Mayo Clinic doctor that stress is probably a large factor keeping me stuck in the spot I am. She also is testing me for Lyme Disease.

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  1. Really, really, REALLY glad they’re testing you for Lyme… But if she doesn’t test you with IGeneX, it’s pretty much useless! If she uses the ELISA test, it misses almost 40% of cases, and you can’t use the ELISA test this late in the game, anyway. If she does the Western Blot, still 30% of positive cases will remain negative through regular labs. The CDC’s version of the test for Lyme disease was NOT designed for clinical use, it was NOT designed to help diagnose! It only includes 13 of 20+ bands that react to Lyme, so please make sure you get an IGeneX test–just call them and ask for the kit, they will mail it directly to you and your doctor signs it. ♥


    1. Thank you for taking the time to explain the tests to me and giving me the tips. I just checked out the cost of those labs you mentioned. Eek!! They’ll definitely have to wait, but don’t worry, I’m not dismissing it or anything. It’s just that being sick is so expensive!!!!


      1. What’s also expensive, is dying from a treatable disease. I was lucky in that my insurance covered it, but many have to do fundrasiers to be able to afford testing. You could try to find an LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) who may be able to diagnose you clinically and do a trial-treatment if you meet the qualifications for a probable diagnosis.


      1. They were designed for research purposes. You’ll notice the CDC admits that due to poor diagnosis, the estimated amount of Lyme cases in this country is DRASTICALLY higher than the cases that are actually known. This is because the test is so insensitive. Lyme disease is a clinical diagnosis, meaning you go by symptoms and case history and response to treatment, and if you can support the findings with test results, that is a plus. I have sources of this SOMEWHERE but cannot find them right now. I think it might be quotable from the IGeneX website or papers I have from them.


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