Best Fiance Ever

Today, I traveled 45 miles, had a dentist appointment and we spent 4 hours with our E. I was pretty active, so I am paying for it now. We had fun though so I don’t mind in the least! Awhile after we got home, I ventured out into the living room to grab my ginger ale. Jake was playing his video game. As I passed by the entertainment center, my lightheadedness (yes I made that word up) caused me to get off balance so I grabbed the wall. I regained my balance and walked a little ways. As I’m headed out of the room, he says “Babe! You gotta be careful. Lay down!” I stopped and giggled at him. At a certain point, he gets bossy about taking care of myself and I think it is adorable. He doesn’t get bossy until I am VERY sick, usually from not resting enough. I then see his eyes go to my hand holding on to the wall…  Jake sighs and says “Well now I’ve gotta carry you to bed.” He proceeds to throw me over his shoulder and take me to bed 🙂

Jake, thanks for always being here for me in every way!

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  1. Mike treats me the same way, as soon as he catches on that I’m not feeling well he starts to ‘boss’ me around and I kinda blow him off until it gets really bad, then I get an ”I told you so” from him. Which then just makes him boss me around more the next time I get hit with symptoms. Silly boys.


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